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  • Engine Replacement In Colorado Springs - New, Used, & Rebuilt. According To Your Budget.

    A Action Services, LLC is a full-service engine replacement shop in Colorado Springs, CO.

    We can repair, maintain, replace, and install any type of engine—new, used, or completely rebuilt—for any type of car.

    So, if your car’s engine is delivering poor performance or showing signs of failure, make sure to consider an auto engine repair or rebuilt.

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    Every car engine eventually has issues. Whatever the engine trouble is, we can provide efficient and effective engine repair.

    Engines are rebuilt for a variety of reasons. However, the most common include poorly seated piston rings and worn out engine bearings. Typically, the moving parts of the engine like the pistons, crankshaft, and rods are mounted on bearings, allowing them to move freely and efficiently. These components are lubricated via engine oil and are built for maximum durability, lasting you thousands of miles.

    However, just like any other engine component, bearings do wear out as well. This wear and tear can further damage your car, especially if you’re running it on poor oil levels. Not only does this lead to a loud knocking sound, but it also ultimately leads to the destructive failure of the engine.

    Similarly, piston rings are also important engine components, which if worn out, can lead to the lack of efficiency of the engine and eventually render it completely useless. This is because as the rings wear out, they lose their ability to seal the cylinders properly. This results in a phenomenon known as “Blow-By” causing the crankcase oil to escape past the worn out rings, hence releasing excessive amounts of white smoke initially from the exhaust and eventually black smoke.

    If you are hearing strange noises coming from your engine, bring your care so we can complete an inspection of the repair, as well as various hoses, belts, seals and other important engine parts.

    A Action Services is the auto shop you can trust for exceptional auto service and repair. Call us today!


    Engine Replacement Experts in Colorado Springs.

    If your engine simply cannot work anymore, then we can replace it with a new engine, whether it be brand-new, used, or rebuilt.

    Our mechanics use equipment from the best-brands on the market, and we are knowledgeable on the engine service needed for every make and model for your vehicle.

    Come see us at our shop or call us at 719-661-2700. We want to make your engine sound and act like new!

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